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The New Jersey Society for Women Environmental Professionals (“NJSWEP”) host our incredibly popular keystone event the “NJDEP Regulatory Update” with the Brownfields Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE), annually in Trenton, NJ. Stay tuned for the next Regulatory Update - TBD May 2023.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (“NJDEP”) implements regulations and policies, which frequently evolve as priorities change. This one-day workshop will keep you abreast of the NJDEP’s priorities and plans, as well as the status of existing programs, updates, and proposed legislative changes that are key to NJDEP programs.  NJDEP Assistant Commissioners (or their designees) from programs including Environmental Management, Water Resources, Site Remediation, Compliance and Enforcement, and Sustainability and Green Energy, have been invited to present on current and emerging topics. 


May 12 & 19, 2021 Presentations:

NJDEP RegUpdate2021-Climate Resilience Planning.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2021-Environmental Justice.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2021-Site Remediation and Waste Management.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2021-SPFHS.pdf

May 4, 2017 Presentations:

NJDEP RegUpdate2017-Natural and Historic Resources.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2017- Air Regulation Revisions.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2017 - Water Resource Management.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2017 - Land Use.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2017 - DEP Social Media Update.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2017 - Compliance and Enforcement.PDF

NJDEP RegUpdate 2017 - Engineering and Construction.pdf

SRP-NJSWEP BCONE May 4, 2017.pdf 

February 24, 2016 Presentations:









February 4, 2015 Presentations:

NJDEP Regulatory Update Agenda.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2015 - Land Use Reg Update.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2015 - C_E Reg Update.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2015 - ODR Update.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2015 - SRP Update.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2015 - Water Resource Management.pdf

NJDEP RegUpdate2015 - Env Mgt Update.pdf


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