Nominate A Great Woman for the NJSWEP Growing Great Women in the Garden State Award

Think about the great women you know who should be considered for NJSWEP’s Growing Great Women in the Garden State award -- these great women inspire us as professionals and inspire future generations of women to become environmental professionals. They play an instrumental role in our lives and deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their hard work and continued efforts. We need you to nominate those women who have made an important impact in New Jersey and in the field of science. It only takes a minute to acknowledge someone with your nomination.

Award Nomination Criteria:

The NJSWEP “Growing Great Women in the Garden State” Award recognizes and honors outstanding women who have made or are making a significant contribution to the environmental field. Nominees for this award should be women who set a standard for quality and excellence in the environmental field. In addition, their professional commitment, leadership and achievement should distinguish nominees. We encourage nomination of distinguished women professionals from all areas of practice, including government, private industry and non-profit sectors.

Help us to honor the great women environmental leaders of New Jersey by submitting a nomination for the award.

The deadline to submit an application is February 21, 2020.

Nominate your New Jersey female great today! The nomination form can be found here: NJSWEP Nomination Form Growing Great Women 2020.pdf

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