NJSWEP was pleased to award scholarships to four impressive students in 2021. 

Shreya Patil (2021 Undergraduate Winner) is a junior at Rutgers University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering. Her occupational objective after graduation is to become an environmental engineer. Shreya is the Vice President of the Students for Environmental and Energy Development club and participated in the AWWA Water Filtration Competition where she helped research and assemble a filter that reduced the turbidity of a water sample from around 400 ntu to 0.96 ntu, making the effluent water near drinking quality. We were impressed with her plans to pursue a PE in order to help limit and remediate contaminated water in freshwater supply sources.

Pasqualina Rivetti (2021 Undergraduate Winner) is a junior at the New Jersey Institute of Technology pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. Her occupational objective after graduation is to become a botanist. Pasqualina worked on a project at Island Beach State Park (IBSP) to protect the back portion of the beach without compromising recreational activity on the foreshore. After two seasons of installing protective fencing and collecting elevation data at IBSP, the populations of federally endangered beach plants increased by an order of magnitude and in 2019, the threatened shorebird piping plovers nested on the beach for the first time since 1989. The experience taught Pasqualina several methods of surveying, data collection and entry, as well as how to analyze and present findings in a professional setting. She also fell in love with our state beaches along the way.

Maravilla Clemens (2021 Graduate Winner) is in her first year of a Master of Science degree program at Rutgers University where she is a Geography major. Her occupational objective after graduation is to become an environmental consultant or science communicator who focuses on coastal resiliency. Her research focused on Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) was novel to the committee. Maravilla’s research focuses on two green infrastructure development projects receiving international funding in Caribbean SIDS. She will be researching exposure to climate hazards such as sea level rise and storms and working with business owners to identify what is needed to increase resiliency to these hazards.

Abigail Lazofsky (2021 Graduate Winner) is a fourth year PhD student at Rutgers University where she is pursuing a degree in Exposure Science. Her occupational objective after graduation is to become an environmental health and safety professional. We appreciated her perspective and focus on microenvironments where we spend 90% of our day. Her research focuses on ways to quickly and accurately identify endocrine-disrupting compounds (EDCs). Specifically, she is trying to develop a novel liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) method that focuses on multi-class compounds that attack the same biological system. By combining the specificity of targeted analysis with the inclusiveness of broad-based screening, experimental approaches can blend the knowledge of toxicological behavior with analytical methodology, allowing for early identification of potential key exposures.

NJSWEP congratulates our 2021 Scholarship recipients and looks forward to their participation in our organization and their contributions to the environmental field.  We encourage any student interested in the Scholarship Program to apply for future awards.

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